Revisiting taboos..

Perhaps I should begin with a disclaimer: This is a far departure from my usual posts about food, travel and adventures. So feel free to skip, if this subject grosses you out. But fellow sisters might want to go on and read it before making up their minds. That said, today’s post is about menstruation. […]

Comfort foods…(5)

After a post about idly,  a post about the dosa simply had to be written…(nahi to idly ko bura lagta!!) As far as food relationships go, idly and dosa are siblings – born from the same parents, urad dal meets (or mating with) rice (some furious fermenting between the sheets is required). While we always […]

Comfort foods…(4)

The temperature has suddenly dropped a few degrees and a chill has set in. The yoga class has whipped up a vigorous appetite. And I find myself reaching out for a bowl of steaming hot idly, dunked in delicious sambhar and topped with ghee…Ah, sheer bliss! Idly was a rather popular item in mom’s household. […]