An ode to the moong bean…

In my last post, I suddenly realised that the moong bean cannot have a passing reference, like say toor dal. This was the inspiration behind today’s post, and I grew to appreciate the versatility of the humble moong (much like the humbler potato), after eating it in all forms, textures, dishes (this is the first […]


Perhaps no vegetarian meal is complete with the protein powerhouse that dal is. However, just like there are many ways to skin a cat, there are far far too many ways to make your dal. First, to broadly categorise it – there are three primary dals-  moong, toor and masoor. Of course there are the urad […]

Comfort foods…(5)

After a post about idly,  a post about the dosa simply had to be written…(nahi to idly ko bura lagta!!) As far as food relationships go, idly and dosa are siblings – born from the same parents, urad dal meets (or mating with) rice (some furious fermenting between the sheets is required). While we always […]

Comfort foods…(4)

The temperature has suddenly dropped a few degrees and a chill has set in. The yoga class has whipped up a vigorous appetite. And I find myself reaching out for a bowl of steaming hot idly, dunked in delicious sambhar and topped with ghee…Ah, sheer bliss! Idly was a rather popular item in mom’s household. […]