Ek sweet si love story

“Aao sunau pyaar ki ek kahani..ek tha ladka, ek thi ladki deewani ”
Today is story telling time..this post is as much about the pictures as about the story each character has to tell…so read on…


Introducing the heroine of today’s story…unbeknownst to her, she the proverbial ugly duckling, in her dry dessicated form knows not the power of transformation. ..but some fresh milk baths and she is transformed! Oh so fresh n lovely!! With dressing of jaggery n make up of khus khus, elaichi, kaju and kismiss, she is ready to play the main lead.. all this heady combination goes to her head, and she becomes proud of her own sweetness…not realising she needs a true partner in “ukad” with just a hint of saltiness to bring out her sweetness…


This is the villian of the story. ..with his shiny cover, his super fine form and easy-peasy charms, he woos our heroine and promises her the out of world experience of becoming “modak”…”let’s come together n create magic”, he says…and our heroine falls for his words..but can their love stand the test of time n hardships?


Soon enough our villian shows his true colours…some contact with boiling water n steam, he forms a disgraceful paste…all slimy, sticky and totally non salvage-able…he has to be unceremoniously dumped in trash…


Enter the true hero…the amba mohar rice…he has been watching all the tamasha quietly…he also knows the amount of effort that needs to be put in to please the lady…and is willing to give up his form to win her heart, and thus begins his transformation. ..he is washed n dried in shade….


…finely ground into powder. …


…immersed in boiling water, faces the steam test, and readily complies to every whim..and such is his love, he does all this without a single complaint…indeed he is a joy to work with…



Our heroine promptly realises her mistake and lands in his lap..he embraces her in his folds, and the past is forgiven. ..but they are yet to face their final test together…the final steaming…but true love conquers all, and they make it!!


Humbled by the experience, they land up together in front of “bappa”, consecrated by the tulsi leaves, and He smiles in his benign way…Though He is leaving today, He decides He can’t resist His favourite sweet …so just a bite, no more…but will be back for more next year…till then He goes back to His original place in our hearts where He always resides, and we are left with the lingering sweet tastes in our mouths….