What is an adventure?

A Rainy day Tummy filled with some cheese sandwiches and coffee, peanut butter sandwich for the kid (The second point is important because only when the tummy is full, such wild ideas come to a certain mom’s mind) 3. Kiddo decides she wants to use the new blue umbrella today 4. Mom decides to humor […]

A mid-week outing

Today after months, I took the toddler on an outing. With the lockdown restrictions slowly lifting and the season changing slowly to autumn, I woke up this morning deciding to make most of the pleasant weather (or so I thought). With a quick oats porridge breakfast for kiddo and a coffee for myself, I decided […]

A letter

A letter to my 2.5 year old: Dear M, I had just sat down to my dinner of rawa dosa, prepared by your father, when you came and gleefully announced that you have upended the salt canister into the laundry basket. I did not believe you at first because after your last salt episode (where […]

Coffee with a toddler

Life with a toddler can be very ‘interesting’ as I am discovering each day. We haven’t seen the sun for the past month or so. It’s always been drizzling- that softly falling rain where you think you don’t need an umbrella but you do! Damn  if you open it, damn if you don’t. Stroller and carrier […]

Remembering Appa…

Social media can make you nostalgic. It can land you on pages of people who used to be a regular feature in your life, but now have disappeared just because you have geographically moved away from them. They are people who are not great friends or relatives, but merely acquaintances with whom you were associated […]

Revisiting taboos..

Perhaps I should begin with a disclaimer: This is a far departure from my usual posts about food, travel and adventures. So feel free to skip, if this subject grosses you out. But fellow sisters might want to go on and read it before making up their minds. That said, today’s post is about menstruation. […]