The Meeting…

I was disgruntled by the lack of sleep, travelling in the sleeper class which was packed to the fullest with unreserved travelers. So you can imagine my mood when I set out in an “eshtee” at 4 am to seek Her. She had sensed my mood and had drawn an amazing scenery to sort of placate me..a sleepy village stirring to life, the pinks of the sky, the early chirruping of birds, silent mood visibly changed and now I sort of mumbled an apology for having put off this visit for long. My job, a family wedding..I had my excuses ready. “Ah, you are a married woman now”, She was baiting me. And I rose to the bait right away “so have You been, as long as I remember. But when did that start coming between us?” “Plus Your Husband has always been with You”, I pouted, knowing fully well I sounded childish and immature to my own years. But that was the beauty of our relationship – I could be a kid, a friend as I fancied with Her. She smiled in reply and said softly “so is yours, you know”. I closed my eyes and smiled, knowing for once that is was indeed true.

This Lady is very close to my heart…used to meet Her regularly in Goregaon, Mumbai.

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